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A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement sets out how your assets will be treated in the event of divorce or dissolution.

Buckle Up Before Marriage Goes Awry

There is a rising trend in Singapore for couples to do up prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. Such agreements are even more popular when a person marries for the second time, as he or she is more likely to consider protecting assets or personal interests after being divorced in the past. So, what is a prenuptial […]

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Marriage Annulment

Annulment of Marriage in Singapore: Process and Requirements

There are 2 ways to bring an end to a marriage – Annulment or Divorce.  Annulment vs Divorce Whether you should obtain an annulment or divorce depends on which one you are eligible for. Both annulment and divorce have certain requirements, or legal grounds, upon which you can apply for the annulment or divorce. The […]

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A Matrimonial Agreement and Division of Assets is a settlement striving to sever all financial ties and restrict any future claims by spouses.

Dividing Matrimonial Assets After Divorce – What Happens To Your Assets?

Matrimonial assets includes all assets acquired during the marriage that was ordinarily used by them for shelter, transport, recreation or social purposes.

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Wife, child and husband maintenance in Singapore.

Know Your Rights: FAQ on Wife, Child & Husband Maintenance in Singapore.

You’ve given up a lot for the family.  And now that you’re getting a divorce, finances are an issue and you need a little help getting back on your feet. Or maybe you’ve become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and it might be tough to sustain it now.  Unsure about your entitlement to maintenance and […]

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Child custody lawyers in Singapore

How Are Child Custody, Care & Control and access determined in Singapore?

 “Enough is enough!” Jenny shouted, as she slammed her bedroom door.  From her room, she heard the gate rattling. He left the house for yet another night. Meanwhile, their two children hid in the room, as they always did whenever daddy and mummy start screaming at each other. It had been this way for months. […]

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Here are the steps that one needs to go through for a Syariah court divorce.

Getting Divorced in The Syariah Court

​In this article, we provide a broad overview of the Syariah Court divorce process. Step 1: Speak with a Lawyer / Counsellor It is important for you to know your rights before making any major decisions. Contrary to the belief that lawyers always charge hefty legal fees, we offer a free consultation from our expert […]

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Making these common divorce mistakes can negatively impact you during and after the divorce process.

10 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When You File For Divorce in Singapore

When you first told your spouse you wanted to file for divorce, you may have said things like, “I only want what’s fair for both of us and the kids” or “I’m not looking to turn this into an all-out war.” But wanting a fair divorce and working through what’s fair in a divorce settlement […]

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Process for Divorce in Singapore

How long does it take to divorce in Singapore – process and legal grounds

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale ranked divorce as its second most stressful life event. No one marries their best friend expecting a divorce. Yet, divorce may happen. Divorce can be life-changing. You may not know what’s around the corner. But divorce need not be about fearing the unknown and living less. It can be […]

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