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Estate and legacy planning is a critical step that every individual should consider as part of their life planning. It should include end-of-life planning as well as estate (post-death) planning.

End-of-life planning is critical for addressing issues relating to the care of a person who may become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make decisions for themselves. These needs arise while the person is alive. It deals with questions such as: Who can make decisions on my behalf if I lose mental capacity, and what can they make decisions about?

Estate planning, by contrast, is aimed at managing how assets are dealt with after a person passes away, as well as appointing trusted persons to manage the estate and/or care for children. It deals with questions such as: Who will take care of my children if I pass away, how do I gift my belongings to loved ones, and who will I entrust to distribute my belongings?

  • Deputyship
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Letters of Administration
  • Probate  
  • Wills

How to plan for the unseen future?

Wealth as well as an asset or estate planning have become an essential part of life. With our legal experience and understanding, we help our clients in every estate planning area.

Additionally, we offer a no-obligation, initial consultation for free so that we can try to better understand you and your situation while also providing some early recommendations. There is so much you can do with the right estate planning lawyer by your side!

Mentioned below is how we can assist you in different scenarios for different things.

1. Deputyship in the case of loss of mental capability
When an individual loses her/his mental capacities, a deputy must be appointed to manage the person’s affairs. If deputyship is not initiated, it can lead to never-ending legal battles among kin. There can be major problems when the sole or main earner loses her/his mental capability because of an accident, illness, or conditions like dementia and Alzheimers. 
At BR Family 360, our expertise and experience in this aspect of law enable us to assist those who need the court orders necessary to initiate this process.

2. Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA): drafting and advising
While it has become commonplace to accept the loss of mental capacity and deterioration of one’s mental functions because of old age, the actual problems arise when this happens suddenly. When the main or sole earning member of the family suddenly loses her/his mental capacity, maybe due to an accident or a previously unknown ailment, this problem becomes too real too fast. 
In such scenarios, the main breadwinner’s inability to settle her/his wealth affairs causes massive problems for her/his family. At this point, an expert planning lawyer can help you draft a lasting Power of Attorney.
Remember that drafting a LPA is not an easy job and cannot be entrusted to just anybody. There are many “estate planners” and “will writing companies” doing so for innumerable people and families. Beware of getting it done by unregulated and unqualified people or teams as they will not be able to advise on legal matters. A LPA has to be witnessed by a certificate issuer such as a lawyer or a doctor. Advising on the best and most legal measures is a big part of this job, one you can trust BR Family 360 with.

3. Letters of Administration (LOA) & Probate
When a beloved family member passes on, especially if that person was the main or sole breadwinner, our expert team of estate lawyers assists families with taking care of the deceased person’s affairs. The survivors would need an LOA or
Grant of Probate to get the administrative authority and access to the deceased’s wealth and estate.
At BR Family 360, we help our clients through this taxing process. We ensure that they are given access to the deceased member’s assets. We doubly ensure that the estate is correctly distributed to the rightful beneficiaries.
For guidance on probate, wills, LOA, and/or lasting Power of Attorney, get in touch with the BR team.

4. Wills — the right way to secure your loved ones’ future
Our legacy lives on even after we die in the form of our estate. The latter is a source of benefit and financial protection if it is handled with care and according to our wishes. However, our estate can become a source of grave unhappiness and dispute between the members of our family if we do not plan things well, while we still can. You have to ensure that your family members are taken care of well even after your passing.

Here are our two cents:

  • Do not leave your estate’s future to chance.
  • Consult and get advice from a reputed law firm; get a will drafted.
  • Deputyship
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Letters of Administration
  • Probate
  • Wills

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