Criminal Lawyers Singapore

The threat of criminal prosecution puts a toll on individuals and corporations alike. Because of the public nature of prosecutions, families can also be affected. This is why our criminal lawyers combine expertise with sensitivity and empathy.

We have deep experience in all aspects of the criminal litigation process, from pre-investigation and investigation phases to securing bail and conducting trials, and can offer you critical support at all stages of criminal proceedings.

Our experience and familiarity with defence, prosecutorial, and judicial roles provides us with unique insights and gives us an edge in identifying effecive solutions for our clients.

  • Letters of Appeal
  • Representations
  • Plea Negotiations / Plea Bargain
  • Pleading Guilty
  • Mitigation Plea
  • Mentions and Hearings
  • Claiming Trial
  • Appeals to High Court and Court of Appeal
  • Protection from Harassment Act
  • Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act

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