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Esther Tan

27 DECEMBER 2019

Cherie had been a great help throughout my divorce process. I was feeling helpless when I received the divorce papers but Cherie’s professionalism and composure eased my mind and also ensured that I got a fair share out from the divorce. She was patient in explaining the legal jargon in layman term which better helped me understand my situation. Thank you Cherie, I really appreciate your help for the past few months!


10 DECEMBER 2019

Cherie was very professional in handling my case and she provided good advice and laid out all choices and possibilities on the table so that i could have a clearer picture of the whole situation. She was very patient with all the queries i had and offered very good assistance throughout. Cherie handled the whole process very quickly and fuss-free which i appreciate very much. I would recommend Cherie without a doubt. Thank you!



My first impression of Cherie was her professionalism in handling my case and swift follow-up. I was expecting a long chat to go thru my case, but it was so quick that I wasn’t the least feeling emotional. She knew what I wanted and had addressed my concerns over emails without pressure or reminding me that I’m taking up her time. She made me feel comfortable around her, as a friend and not a lawyer.


14 AUGUST 2019

Cherie is a very responsive lawyer, who takes charge of the issues and concerns at hand. Her diligent and timely answers provide the assurance needed and makes one feel comfortable throughout the process. Cherie has on numerous occasions pleasantly surprised me with the extra mile she is going in serving her clients. A positive outcome to a custodial agreement.

Phillip Hughes

3 MAY 2019

Cherie Tan was on the team of my divorce lawyers. During the divorce process there were some very complicated financial reports by third party accountants that had to be produced for my reply affidavits. She explained to me in laymen’s terms what it all meant and give me a good overall picture when I was overwhelmed with paperwork trying to understand it all from a legal standpoint. I was surprised that she not only had a good grasp on matrimonial matters but also in financial and business concerns, since I own my own business and had possible civil disputes in addition to my matrimonial matters. Cherie is also very understanding and compassionate and ready to help someone who does not understand what is going on. I highly recommend her to anyone who is a businessman/woman that is going through a divorce with complicated issues.

What you need to know about uncontested divorces


  • Married at least 3 years unless you can prove that there was exceptional hardship or grave depravity
  • Domiciled in Singapore at the start of divorce proceedings, or habitually residing in Singapore for at least 3 years before commencement of divorce proceedings

What's the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce?

A contested divorce is when one party doesn’t agree to the divorce or wants to dispute ancillary matters such as children's issues, maintenance issues and/or division of matrimonial home/assets etc.

A simplified uncontested divorce is when your spouse and you have came to an agreement on the reasons for divorce and all ancillary matters. All you both wish to do is to divorce amicably. 

Grounds for divorce

  • Adultery: Your spouse had sexual intercourse with another person and it has not been more than six (6) months since you discovered it
  • Unreasonable behaviour: Examples include physical or sexual abuse, financial or non-financial neglect, not carrying out duties as a husband or wife, etc.
  • Desertion: Your spouse has deserted you for a continuous period of at least 2 years and he/she is nowhere to be found
  • Separation: You have lived apart for at least 4 years (3 years if your spouse consents to the divorce)

How long does a divorce take?

An uncontested divorce can take as little as five (5) months, while a contested divorce can take more than a year or two to complete.

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