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A mitigation plea is an informal agreement wherein the accused agrees to plead guilty in exchange for some form of leniency from the public prosecution and the court.

Plea Bargaining: Its effect on sentencing in criminal cases

You receive a call from the police to attend at the station with a bailor. Your investigation officer tells you that the police have concluded their investigations and have decided to press charges against you. You panic. Hundreds of thoughts race through your mind. You don’t know what to do. The officer then tells you […]

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Here are the steps that one needs to go through for a Syariah court divorce.

Getting Divorced in The Syariah Court

​In this article, we provide a broad overview of the Syariah Court divorce process. Step 1: Speak with a Lawyer / Counsellor It is important for you to know your rights before making any major decisions. Contrary to the belief that lawyers always charge hefty legal fees, we offer a free consultation from our expert […]

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With the coronavirus pandemic causing heightened anxiety, it is always best to be prepared and discuss your estate planning

COVID-19: Estate Planning 101

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has recently put a spotlight on estate planning. In this article, we provide a broad overview of some key legal mechanisms for estate planning. It is never easy discussing one’s own mortality, but in this article we strive to take candid and open approach to the subject. What is estate planning? […]

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Making these common divorce mistakes can negatively impact you during and after the divorce process.

10 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When You File For Divorce in Singapore

When you first told your spouse you wanted to file for divorce, you may have said things like, “I only want what’s fair for both of us and the kids” or “I’m not looking to turn this into an all-out war.” But wanting a fair divorce and working through what’s fair in a divorce settlement […]

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Process for Divorce in Singapore

How long does it take to divorce in Singapore – process and legal grounds

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale ranked divorce as its second most stressful life event. No one marries their best friend expecting a divorce. Yet, divorce may happen. Divorce can be life-changing. You may not know what’s around the corner. But divorce need not be about fearing the unknown and living less. It can be […]

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